Moulded to Perfection

At C.Tribhovandas, we have tiles in every shade and colour to suit all possible moods. Hand-made, glass crackle, mouldings and plain tiles of reputed brands, you have them all - quality and good taste, at reasonable prices, with every opportunity to express the artist in you.

Designs from the past - Skills of today

The field is open, limited just by your imagination. Choose from a kaleidoscope of colours brilliant or soft-hued, moulded to designs that are unique and extraordinary. These can be made specially to suit your individuals tastes and needs. With a range so wide you are sure to find a combination that reflects what you have in mind. You can mix and match different styles or if you like, we can even custom-design your tiles. The end result will be a look that is sure to wow the beholder - something so different it could only be from c.Tribhovandas.

No Limits to Research

At C.Tribhovandas, we are never content to rest on our laurels. Always searching, always seeking to find new and improved techniques. We hunt down even wider choices of textures, finishes and materials.

We give you a ready-to-use theme or you can use your own talents for something very special with as much help as you would like from our experts.

Customer Service - Our priority

Service is our top priority. Our materials combine in harmony with the heart and soul of their surroundings. From beginning to end- whatever size your project is, C.Tribhovandas can turn your dream home into a reality.

So whether you want an eye-popping bathroom, a kitchen to make neighbours envious, or wow guests in hallway, passage and porch you can be sure that C.Tribhovandas can deliver the goods.